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원주 연세대 축제 에서 베스티의 공연 직캠 영상입니다.

이번에 지금 연달아 올린것들 바이두 토렌트 공유 테스트 해본다고 좀 늦었는데 괜찮게 되려나 모르겠네요

저번에 시딩하다가 컴퓨터 한번 뻗었길래 보니까 SSD 인데 메인드라이브가 손상이 좀 됬길래 토렌트말고 다른방법을 좀 찾아봐야될꺼같은데 고민이군요

일단 다른 방법을 좀 더 찾아볼꺼 같습니다만 한동안은 토렌트 유지할 듯 합니다.

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150521 원주 연세대학교 축제 - 베스티.torrent

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  • 4Kuser 2015.06.01 17:52 신고

    i don't understand korean, so i don't understand above mention. can you explain it by english??
    in addition, i would like to know , which software do you use to editon video file?? Final cut Pro X or Premiere Pro???

    • use Premiere Pro
      and said that i was testing baidu(chiniese cloud)upload, my ssd drive has failure cause before torrent upload maybe. so i will consider and find other way to share this files

    • 4Kuser 2015.06.01 21:24 신고

      i also use Premiere Pro edit file, but i find out lot of video nosie more than the original file. Can you let me what is your output setting??

    • nothing anyspecial just shoot low iso

    • 4Kuser 2015.06.02 19:57 신고

      i see your movie and i think you are professional,
      i have a few question about your shooting in this 150521 원주 연세대 축제 - 베스티,
      1) your Horizontal shooting is using Canon EOS-1D C?? and
      the vertical shooting is using samsung NX1 ??
      2)as your above mention, you use low isoshooting, what level iso do you use as usual??
      3) when shooting, you use Auto Focus or Manual Focus as usual??
      4) What mode do you use to shooting movie? M-mode, S-Mode or A-mode??

    • haha damn, you bothering me.
      1) H-GH4, V-NX1
      2) less then 1250 for GH4
      3) generally manual cause using nx1 with nikon lens mount adapter(only manual)
      4) 99% m-mode

    • 4Kuser 2015.06.05 11:22 신고

      i don't believe your answers because i also have got a GH4,
      the Horizontal that the color tone (red) and style like canon more than GH4, you make sure you don't made wrong?
      1) you use Manual white balance and what is your white balance setting?
      2)When using GH4, you only use manual focus?
      3)what are the m-mode setting?
      4)can you tell me the HG4 setting including [Cinelike D] ??contrast , sharpness, saturation, hue , highlight Shadow and the Master Pedestal Level??
      I am the begginer of GH4, thx for you help.

    • 1,2,3) all manual
      4) allmost standard, sometime( outside on sunshine ) like video? not a eng ver.

    • 4Kuser 2015.06.13 21:52 신고

      the last question,
      which lens do you use in GH4?
      i don't like the lens of panasoinc because the build-in stabilizer is too bad.

    • 14-140,100-300

  • 곰탱이 2015.06.01 19:25 신고

    감사합니다 ㅠㅠ 다른자료도 기다리겠습니다 ㅠ